Debt Consolidation
In recent years, the double-card storm broke out. In the case of bank downsizing, Mr. Lin originally wanted to find a bank to handle the integration liabilities. However, because the amount of debts owed by the card is higher than the bank’s liability limit, the bank considers the risk of lending too high and is unwilling to provide an integrated solution. . Later, Mr. Lin had to choose individual negotiations with the bank to reduce interest rates and monthly payments. However, after several thoughts, I was concerned that the consultation would affect the personal credit. Therefore, under the premise of maintaining good credit, the problem of debt settlement was resolved by individual negotiation. In the case of limited repayment ability, in order to let the child live a carefree life in the future, Mr. Lin and his wife will eat and use, and the couple will minimize the expenses and no longer spend any card spending.
Slowly, Mr. Lin’s card debt has also been nearly half, and he pays on time every month, maintaining good credit with the bank. Therefore, this time Mr. Lin decided to find a professional financial planning consultant company to assist in the liabilities integration.